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Click here to visit our 2023 Conference Archive page, where we have posted link to our photo galleries! Videos are there as well! Drop us a link at and let us know what you think!

Save the Date!!

game changers and trailblazers save the date for the 2023 DNPs of Color Annual Conference Oct 19 - 22 2023

Who We Are

DNPs of Color (DOCs), is a 501c3 nonprofit nursing organization, whose mission is to increase diversity in doctoral studies, clinical practice, and leadership for nurses. DNP, short for Doctor of Nursing Practice, is the highest level of education a nurse can attain which focuses on clinical practice. DNPs influence healthcare outcomes through healthcare policy, organizational leadership, and translating nursing research into evidenced-based practice.

DOCs will provide online communities for nurses of color who have obtained or are working towards obtaining their DNP. DOCs activities will include organizing celebrations, hosting speaker events, conferences, and establishing collaborative partnerships with nursing schools across the U.S. DOC’s top priority would  focus on peer networking and mentoring.

With DOCs, we intend to create supportive environments that will help inspire, empower, and transform the landscape of nursing to include more diversity in nursing practice.

See our 2022 Annual Impact Report!

Latest News

Special places where groups can find a group of like-minded people who authentically share a common experience are golden. Some who come here are mentors. Some are novices. They are really valuable.”

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