Dr. Cecilia Boyd

Community Health Advocate

Dr. Cecilia Boyd is a dedicated advocate for community health, particularly focusing on underserved populations. With a background in Community Health Nursing in Camden, NJ, she led initiatives targeting critical health issues like hypertension, diabetes, and breast cancer awareness among minority groups.

Throughout her career, Dr. Boyd has spearheaded grant-funded programs for hypertension outreach and education, alongside serving as Director of Education for at-risk youth in Camden. Under her leadership, she organized educational encampments providing vital knowledge and mentorship to students.

In academia, Dr. Boyd’s passion for education shines through teaching courses in mental health, public health, leadership, and Nursing Informatics. She has mentored numerous aspiring nurses and graduate students, including during the COVID-19 vaccination drive at Rowan University.

Beyond her professional roles, Dr. Boyd volunteers to support individuals experiencing grief and addresses adolescent mental health concerns. She holds Board Certifications in Mental Health and Advanced Public Health and is actively involved in professional organizations such as the American Nurses Association and the American Nursing Informatics Association.