Dr. Andree Aboite, DNP, ACM, RN


Dr. Andree Aboite (She/her) is a Registered Nurse leader with over 20 years of nursing experience. She always had a dream to become a nurse since kindergarten. She was inspired by a cousin in her family who worked at her pediatrician’s office and always wanted to speak with the nurses when visiting the hospital with family members when she was younger. Dr. Aboite’s road through nursing started as an LPN, then she obtained her associate degree in nursing, a master’s degree in nursing/informatics, and then the ultimate achievement of her Doctorate in nursing practice in 2023.

As an ardent watcher of MASH back in the ’70s, she admired the nurses and medical staff on the TV show (though she did not see a representation of herself), she joined the Army Reserves Nurse Corp and fulfilled the dream of being an Army nurse officer during the Gulf/Enduring Freedom wars. Dr. Aboite has participated as a board member for the Virginia Nurses Association, Central Virginia Chapter of the Black Nurses Association, and the Health Brigade Free Clinic over the past years to continue to move nursing in a direction that is inclusive in practice and patient care.

Now that she works on the administrative side of healthcare, she is an enthusiastic nurse leader who strives to make a difference in healthcare by giving back to others through mentorship, leadership, and education. She has maintained that patients are always at the center of care through the continuum regardless of whether she is at the bedside or not.