Black Angels Scholarship

The Virginia Allen and The Black Angels Scholarship Fund is established in honor of Virginia Allen and the Black Angels, a trailblazing nurses who dedicated their lives to providing exceptional care to patients in need. The Black Angels, a group of approximately 300 courageous Black nurses, where the heart and soul of the caregiving team at Sea View Hospital from 1928 to 1960. These exceptional individuals, including Virginia Allen, stepped forward to provide direct patient care when others hesitated, ensuring that those afflicted with tuberculosis received the care they desperately needed. Their selfless dedication and unwavering commitment to their patients earned them the enduring title of the Black Angels.

Virginia Allen stands as one of the last living embodiments of the legacy of the Black Angel Nurses. Born in 1931 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allen’s passion for nursing was ignited by her aunt, a dedicated nurse in New York City. With unwavering support from her parents, Allen pursued her education at the Central School for Practical Nurses, earning her license in practical nursing.

Allen’s journey in the nursing profession began in the role of a surgical nurse. In 1947, at the tender age of 16, she joined her aunt in the ranks of the dedicated nurses at Sea View Hospital. Situated as the largest tuberculosis sanitarium worldwide, Sea View Hospital played a pivotal role in the development of isoniazid, a groundbreaking cure for tuberculosis, led by a pioneering lung specialist.

This scholarship fund seeks to celebrate the Black Angels extraordinary contributions and continue their legacy by supporting nurses who aspire to further their education. Through this fund, we aim to empower and uplift the next generation of dedicated nurses fostering a legacy of compassion, dedication, and excellence in the field of nursing.

We are in the process of raising funds for the scholarship and will open up for applications soon! Please take advantage of the many ways to donate. Once you find a donation method please be sure to include in the comments the donation is specifically for “The Black Angels Scholarship”


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