Session 2: Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitator Role
    • Clarifying the role of facilitators in overseeing mentors and mentees. Each Program Facilitator (PF)will be assigned to a group of mentor/mentee teams. Each week the PF will be in contact with the assigned team (mentor and mentee) for updates, clarification, and be the champion for success throughout the program. PF will engage with interests of article topics with mentees for additional support when invited, assist research additional articles for support or referencing. 
  • Program Structure and Timeline
    • Detailed explanation of the 14-week timeline and key milestones.
    • Handling Challenges and Concerns
    • Engagement with PF in team meetings, and with Program Facilitators early to identify conflicts for support. 
    • Discussing potential challenges and effective strategies for resolution.

It is expected that each mentee will complete the program in full at the end of the 14-weeks and will submit all activities and the completed manuscript as identified.

There may be times when either the mentor or mentee elects to take time off during the program. The first expectation is that it is a notification in advance submitted to the PF, Mentor and Mentee. Expectations that assigned work is completed for the period to assure that the mentee will be able to meet the guidelines for submission of end of program submission of completed manuscript and that it meets the end of 14-week deadline.